Creative Ideas for Your Office Interior Fit Out & Designs in Dubai

Creative Ideas for Your Office Interior Fit Out & Designs in Dubai

As the world transitions into a hybrid work format, the contrasting nature of home and office have lightened, and the boundaries blur. Corporations have realized that offices do not have to be intimidating and rigid. Globally, workplaces have evolved to have a warm, open, and flexible environment, resulting in better productivity and increased efficiencies. Over the past couple of years, especially during the pandemic, corporations have realized the criticality of employee mental health welfare. Companies have realized that it’s crucial to de-stress work environments and instil freshness, flexibility and transparency. Dubai and UAE, in general, is a hub for global corporations and interior design and fit-out companies in Dubai have well adapted to the worldwide trend.

Listed are a few trends that have caught the fancy of the corporate world in the region. These trends have gained popularity and are amongst the top ideas with interior design fit out companies in Dubai.

Play of elements

Nature aids in balancing the human mind and helps in positive energy creation. Natural light, plants, natural wood, stones, and water helps balance the aura of the human mind.


Make way for ample sunlight across the workspace, wherever possible. Like any other living creature on the planet, human beings are driven by solar energy, and decent exposure to natural light helps in mood enhancement and aids productivity. For instance, large French windows throughout the office with expansive outdoor views or even a central skylight where possible could be a huge blessing.


Biophilic offices are a huge trend, especially in the gulf, to compensate for external dry weather conditions. This can be done by using more plants, around the office, particularly across the workstations and breakout areas. The reception and other waiting areas can have different green moss panels. Various forms of creative panels are available to suit the design and layout.

Natural wood
A warm earthy feel can be achieved by having veneer or wooden panels cladding on a wall or even floor standing wooden shelves. Even wooden flooring in meeting rooms or executive offices could bring a natural dimension to the design.

Stones and Rocks
Natural stone slabs can be used as earthy décor for flooring in heavy-duty areas like the reception lounge or even cladding on walls. Rock claddings can be a rugged natural feature.

Water and flora

Water bodies and features in the form of water screens, fountains, fish tanks, mini waterfalls on pebble trays, and such can bring the tranquil and serenity of nature into the office. A subtle floral feature on the reception counter or the backdrop can immensely elevate the office’s mood.

Texture and Colors

Creative and colourful wall papers can change the mood and personality of the room. Apart from being durable and easy to install, there are a wide variety of designs and colours to choose from to suit your need. Wallpapers forge a particular character and vibe into the space.

Use Texture
Textures come to the rescue of an otherwise plain and dull surface. The use of textured wall claddings can completely change the outlook of the space. A blend of art and texture can create a unique and creative office interior.

Colourful furniture
Bright colours can liven up the workplace. The psychology of colour and its impact on the human mind is immense. Colour can change the mood of any space. Brand colours can be creatively used to form an intelligent office interior.

Glass and clear partitions and Open spaces

Glass partitions
The corporate world is transitioning into an open and transparent way of functioning. Clear glass partitions give a sense of expanse and transparency across the workspace. They also aid in employee health by providing access to natural light for everybody in the office, as they do not block natural light and outdoor views. The demand for transparent partitions has also given rise to clear polycarbonate plastics or Plexiglas, better glass alternatives. These can be used as partitions and in windows, tabletops or claddings.

Open spaces
Creating isolation bubbles for flexible working or casual brainstorming over a cup of coffee helps in creative thought flow and better collaboration. It also provides a welcome relief from the monotony of the dedicated workspace—breakout areas away from the clutter help in improved thought processes and aid in productive discussions.

Flexible furniture & workstations
Coming days would see more and more offices adopting flexible work environments. The traditional dedicated desk space is on its way to becoming obsolete or restricted to fewer functions. Most technology companies have set the trend thanks to the influence of the Gen Z workforce entering the workforce. This has triggered a sudden demand for collapsible and mobile furniture, including conference tables, lounge seating and workstations. Google Garage’s offices have already adapted and taken the lead towards this trend. Check

Lighting can have imposing effects on the human psyche. Creative lighting could be quite liberating from the monotony of the workspace. Modern offices have adapted to an ideal mix of indirect lighting and focused lighting based on the functional requirements. High focus areas are brightly lit and have direct lighting, whereas relaxed or breakout areas or low focus areas could do with well-lit cove lights and downlights. It is widespread to come across cove lights and linear lighting aided by LED technology. The multiple objectives achieved are saving energy reducing the carbon footprint, thereby lowering costs and not just that. Cove or linear lighting also helps amplify the design features and brings to life the creative aspect.

The top interior fit-out companies in Dubai and UAE work with most of the abovementioned dynamics. Their ability to quickly adapt and evolve has helped shape the office interior landscape of the region and ensure that the workspaces in the UAE are future-focused and on par with international standards.