How to Choose the Flooring for New Office in Abu Dhabi or Dubai

How do I choose the flooring for my new office in Abu Dhabi or Dubai? What are the different types of flooring available in the UAE?

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Flooring is amongst the most visible features when you walk into an office, so it’s got a huge role to play in the overall aesthetics of the office. There are various flooring types to choose from depending on the purpose, concept and functionality of the space. Know how to choose the flooring for new office in Abu Dhabi or Dubai & different types of flooring available in the UAE.

6 things to consider before deciding on the office flooring

1. Theme: The look and overall concept of the space should be kept in mind while choosing the type of flooring. The best and the most expensive flooring type may not necessarily align with the concept of your space. One has to work out a delicate balance to weave the flooring type into the overall idea of the space so that it does not look like a force fit and blends well with the concept.

2. Purpose: The flooring mechanisms are devices that should facilitate the functionality of the space. Therefore it is essential to have absolute clarity on the nature of functionality the area will serve. For instance, the lobby has the maximum traffic or wear and tear; hence a durable and premium looking vinyl variety of tike would be suitable to serve such spaces. On the contrary, a CEO’s office or the board’s conference room may have fewer visitors, and therefore a luxury carpet or deluxe carpet tiles would be apt.

3. Nature of business: If the nature of business is such that you would be hosting important visitors, business partners and clients, then the flooring would have to be high end and make a statement. If the office is just a functional workspace, basic carpet tiles or even laminate flooring could serve the purpose. A factory floor office usually would have durable, safe flooring that is rubber coated and easy to clean and maintain.
4. Maintenance: One has to consider the wear and tear when choosing a particular type of flooring. In some cases, the maintenance requirements might be high; for example, luxury carpets need specialized cleaning and maintenance, whereas vinyl flooring is easy to maintain and clean. In some office areas, Carpet tile floorings are more suitable as they are easy to maintain and can be replaced easily in case of freak incidents or wear and tear.

 5. Budget: The project’s overall budget is another factor that would influence the flooring type. A project that has been worked on a tight budget will usually have a carefully chosen flooring type that fits the cost. Luxury brands and large corporations, on the other hand, splurge on selecting the best quality and finishing for floorings and carpets to suit each area in the workspace, If you intend to be frugal and cost-sensitive, laminates are a good option, even though they might have to be replaced periodically. 

6. Safety & Hygiene: Fancy floorings may necessarily not be safe; in fact could be hazardous if not deployed sensibly. Industrial office floorings, toilets, kitchen areas, spills, wet pillages, and water areas should be considered. Rubber flooring is sturdy, heat and water-resistant. It’s comfortable to walk, stand on daily due to its slip-resistant feature. Rubberized floorings offer sound absorption, so it’s ideal for an open-concept office space.

The team at Design Concepts UAE, takes the initiative to clearly understand the client’s requirements and handholds them into considering the various factors before finalizing the type of flooring.

7 popular flooring types used

1. Carpet tiles 
2. Terrazzo
3. Vinyl Tile (LVT)
4. Ceramic tile
5. Wood finishes (Hardwood)
6. Promenade tiles / Quarry tiles
7. Rubberized

Carpet tiles:  The most commonly used in large offices and open spaces. Carpet tiles are maintenance-friendly, have good noise absorption qualities and are aesthetically charming. Carpet tiles are easier to maintain than broadloom or wall to wall carpets. Available in varied colours and textures, carpet tiles have a vast array of options and flexibility.

Terrazzo: These are amongst the most durable and hence expensive as they are made from a cement grid or a mix of marble, quartz, glass elements, brass or any number of composites. They are long-lasting, easy to maintain through the initial investment is high due to their complex installation process. With unlimited colour and pattern choices, unique combinations and customization options, Terrazzo tiles are pretty popularly used. Being LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified like natural stone or hardwood, these tiles are ideal for corridors, galleries, lobbies and open spaces with heavy traffic.

Vinyl Tile: Vinyl tile or LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) is more durable than hardwood or ceramic tiles, so ideal for high traffic areas as it bears more wear and tear than any other flooring type. It can also be treated for slip and scratch resistance and be used in kitchens and bathrooms. Available in a wide array of shapes, sizes and treatments, one can customize and design as per their taste and liking.

Ceramic tile:  Very widely used because of its durability, cost-effectiveness, simple installation process and easy to maintain properties. It is produced by mixing clay and other minerals combined with solvents and give them an earthier and natural look. 

Wood finishes: There is a variety of options ranging from premium red oak finishes to natural hardwood or bamboo and engineered wood. Wood Finishes are durable, easy to maintain, and give floors a hot, realistic, and elegant look. They can be treated for scratch proof and refinished at regular intervals if required. Waterproofed wood finishes can be used in wet areas like bathrooms and balconies.

Laminates: An imitation and cheaper alternative to hardwood, ceramic tiles or stone, laminates are easy and more affordable to install. They can also be treated to make it water-resistant and are naturally resistant to dents and scratches. Laminates are available in various finishes and textures and give your office a warm and natural look. However, unlike hardwood or other types, they have a shorter life, need regular cleaning, maintenance and may need replacement after a while. Laminates are ideal for rented apartments,
offices and other commercial spaces that work on a tight budget.

Promenade tiles: Also known as Quarry tiles, they are similar to ceramic in style but unglazed and more durable and slip-resistant. Ideal for balconies, kitchens and heavy foot areas, they are easy to install and very cost-effective. 

Rubberized: Rubber floorings can be used in various applications as they are affordable, long-lasting, easy to install and ideal for high-traffic and heavy workout areas. They are hassle-free when it comes to maintenance and offer excellent design versatility. Rubber flooring is sturdy, heat and water-resistant. It’s comfortable to walk, stand on daily due to its slip-resistant feature. Rubberized flooring offers sound absorption, making it ideal for gyms, sports clubs, and indoor game turfs.

This is the kind of expertise the professionals at Design Concepts, UAE bring to the table with their vast experience and intent understanding of customer’s requirements in the region. Besides helping choose the right type of flooring, the experts at Design Concepts, UAE take great care in selecting the right colours or patterns, layout and spacing to enhance the overall look. The form and flow of the flooring tiles are essential to ensure absolute harmony and semblance that blends with the overall aesthetics of the interior design.