Who should I brief my requirements for new restaurant interiors in Dubai?

Who should I brief my requirements for new restaurant interiors in Dubai?

T he choice of the interior designer will largely depend on the budget and the theme. A classy fine dines, themed restaurant needs specialized designers who entirely understand the theme’s need and essence. Just as premium coffee shops and themed confectioneries in high-end malls.
Greater attention to detail, brand coding, fine finishing and innovative resourcing capabilities are crucial to manage and execute such projects.
For these specialized projects, one has to make sure to brief design consultants who are well versed with the dynamics of the foodservice industry and experienced in the F&B sector. We have experienced consultants who specialize in restaurant interior planning and designing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi at Design concepts. We understand the complex nature of the foodservice industry and how critical finishing, aesthetics and space management is for this business

Top 5 Factors

to consider before planning an interior design project, be it your workspace, office, restaurant, coffee shop, Clinics, Branded retail store, Automobile showroom or home.
1. Purpose
Everything starts with a purpose in mind and is of foremost importance before beginning anything new. The purpose of the space paves the way for the rest of the goals. Examples could be “a fine dine restaurant catering to Thai cuisine” or “an exotic speciality coffee lounge” or a “branded shoe store in Mall of the Emirates”. On the other hand, a workspace could decide on the theme based on the nature of the business. For instance, a Real estate office and an advertising agency will have completely different purposes.
2. Theme or Concept
The next goal is to arrive at a theme or concept for the space. When you know the purpose of the area, it is easier to narrow down on the theme. The idea is arrived at after having been discussed with all the stakeholders. This theme is the rough idea shared with the interior designer as a brief to work on. For instance, a real estate office for luxury properties will have a more classy, premium look and feel. A Thai restaurant will have to replicate elements from Thai traditions. There could be sub-themes and multiple variations within the central theme based on the ideas discussed.
3. Budget
Most investors and stakeholders are cautious and advocate pragmatism while arriving at a spend for the space. This becomes a critical factor in deciding on the levels of sophistication that realises the chosen theme. Depending on the spending appetite, the concept is tailor-made to suit the budget. It is crucial to discuss this with the design consultant at the early stages of the meeting. This helps the interior design consultant to arrive at a workable and mutually acceptable solution for the project.
4. Time
Time is money, especially in today’s competitive world where everything and everyone revolves around time. A lot of strategy and planning goes into deciding the launch of new ventures, services or operations. Most entrepreneurs and corporates workaround meticulously carved out timelines, and it is very critical that they stick to it.
A good interior design consultant understands the importance of this critical factor and ensures a detailed and planned timeline to deliver the project at the committed time. One should be forewarned that the project becomes long-drawn, inefficient if given into the wrong hands, resulting in costs to overshoot and beats the whole purpose!
5. Aesthetics (Space, Colours, Textures, Furniture & Lightning)
Finally, the aesthetics, which happens to be the most visible and dominant factor of all. The rest of the elements are behind the scenes works, and they could all fall flat if the final look and feel do not meet the expected standards! This is where an experienced and reliable interior design consultant comes into play.
Great concepts, ideas, and a distinct theme require that all the elements that form part of it be artistically driven. Space, colours, textures, furniture, lights, carpets and other accessories blend seamlessly to bring the theme into life. An expert consultant will ensure there is a striking balance and harmony within these elements.
At Design Concepts UAEinterior design companies in UAE, we understand the criticality of these underlying factors in interior design and meticulously plan our work to deliver on our commitments.

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