Office fit-out guide checklist and tips 2022
Office fit-out guide checklist and tips 2022

Office fit-out guide checklist and tips 2022

Whether relocating or refurbishing an old office, the process is quite overwhelming and gets exhausting. Both scenarios present a fresh opportunity to re-organize the office space and adapt to the new norms that the world had adapted during the pandemic. Planning a new office fit-out has to be an inclusive and progressive decision. Learn about Office fit-out guide checklist and tips 2022 here.

Managing a fit-out project is not a regular scope for administrative staff. The administrative staff or anyone assigned the task might find it overwhelming. A comprehensive checklist comes in handy at such times, and with the help of some fit-out experts, we’ve created this helpful handout. Follow these tips to take you through a seamless office fit-out project. The first step is to identify the areas of concern and goals. Next, place an internal task force with the necessary skills and experience. It could aid in a smooth and collaborative approach to executing an office fit-out project.

Goals and areas of concern

Categorizing these areas could help identify the expertise allocation within the task force. Generally, the scope areas in a complete fit-out project would include Moving Air-conditioning, Fire Fighting and Safety, Electrical and Plumbing, IT and Telecommunications. The goals primarily reflect the company’s image and vision like zoning and space planning, Design and Décor, Lighting, Branding requirements, Employee wellness and sustainability.

Team consultation

Ensuring all the team members are aligned to the idea of the fit-out project. Discuss and dismiss all possible issues that might arise at a later stage. Ideas and suggestions with regards to working style preferences and necessary work arrangements. Different team members’ diverse opinions and recommendations could be of suitable value; however, one needs to de-clutter and focus on the essential factors.

Budget planning

The budget allocation for the fit-out work largely depends on the financial appetite of the company. Fit-out costs are usually among the company’s high-value expenses; therefore, a carefully planned allocation is necessary. The management must decide on the standards and quality of the deliverables. Whether the requirement is a high-quality premium office featuring luxury elements or a medium-range elegant looking office will be a critical deciding factor for the budget.

Headcount and zoning

Planning proper zones for the various functions in the office could be a challenge. The ideal way would be to sit across with all the stakeholders and unbiased review of the space requirement. For instance, the space allocation to open work zones closed manager’s cabins and meeting and breakout rooms. Provision for team expansion, file storage cabinets, server and printer/copier room.

Concept and design ideation

The most creative and fun part is to conceive a theme for the office. Office interiors with solid branding reflect the personality and help in brand recall and demonstrate brand experience in the workspace. A cheerful office with natural light and biophilic spaces promote wellness and productivity and attracts fresh talent. For more details, on this refer here;

Vendor research and sourcing

Identifying the best fit-out vendor is key to the execution plan. The ideal vendor would be somebody who understands the requirement well, adds value to the project and provides a competitive proposal aligned with the company’s budgets. Companies like Design Concepts offer turnkey interior fit-out solutions, which means they provide complete design and development services. As a rule of thumb, companies should invite at least three good vendors before identifying the most suited for the project and fits into the budget.

Contractual Agreement

It is vital to have a signed contract with the fit-out company because of the considerable expenditure and operational commitments. A contractual agreement also protects the interest of both parties in the event of a dispute. Refer to the detailed article here:

Authority Approvals and NOCs

Whether owner or tenant, all modification works require a NOC from the building or community. Additionally, several authority approvals are needed at every stage as per the UAE law. Please refer to the detailed article here:

Project co-ordination

A dedicated project manager from the fit-out company will usually share updates or concerns with a team member designated to handle the project flow. The team member entrusted with this task has to take complete charge of the deadlines and raise a red flag if there could be a deviation. An ideal technique is to work on a shared progress chart with timelines to stay on track.

Packing and Moving

All the excitement to move into a freshly minted office space could be put on a damper if there has been a chaotic moving process. Follow best practices like packing in coloured boxes for easy identification or plain boxes with proper marking and labelling to avoid misplacing. Making a list of packed items neatly labelled also helps the logistics manager to organize an efficient relocation. Alternatively, one could also hire professional movers and packers to save time and effort.

Planning for a new office fit-out? Read checklist and tips for 2022 to get trendy office fit out services in Dubai, UAE.