How to Pick the Best Interior Designer Company in Dubai

How to Pick the Best Interior Designer Company in Dubai?

The choice of the interior designer will largely depend on the budget, theme, scale and complexity. Whether for your home, office, showroom, store, or restaurant identifying and hiring a good interior designer is the first step towards achieving your dream space. Learn how to pick the best interior designer company in Dubai.

In Dubai, interior design companies range from compact teams that provide design and consultancy services to large companies that take up turnkey projects. These companies usually offer complete end to end solutions right from concept creation, design services, fit-out services, including supplying and installing furniture, decors and accessories. For specialized projects, one has to brief design consultants well-versed in the particular industry’s dynamics and have experience servicing that sector.

Experts in the field often stress the seven key factors to identify a good interior designer in Dubai. As a rule of thumb, one has to shortlist at least three good design companies based on the below factors before finalizing the hire.

Work portfolio

An impressive portfolio leaves a good impression on your mind. An interior design company that has made an effort to showcase its portfolio takes pride in their work quality. Also, a portfolio gives a clear idea of the nature of projects that the team undertakes.

Reviews and References

It’s almost as good as gold when you have arranged a contact through a good reference; then, it’s nearly as good as gold! Someone with a positive experience has already done all the heavy lifting and has tried the company’s services, which makes your job easy. However, there might be different standards for every project. It largely depends on the budget and nature of the business. Someone happy with a villa or apartment interior project need not be a good benchmark for a restaurant or office project.

Thought alignment

It’s almost like courting when at the time of discussions, the designer is completely aligned to your line of thoughts and not only understands but compliments your original thought or idea! You can be sure of being in the best hands when a perfect match of requirements and capabilities comes together.

One-stop shop

Some of the best interior design companies in Dubai are the ones that have everything under one roof. It enables better control over the project in terms of quality and timelines. Having their joinery, fit-out teams, designers and a project management team means they have the flexibility and greater coordination.

Expert advice

Most good design companies in Dubai have a professional consultant who can give the right advice regarding budgets, materials, design trends, safety, durability and eco-friendliness. A qualified and experienced consultant is always aligned with international trends, local sensitivities, environmental concerns, hazard prevention and security standards compliances.

Value Addition

The very nature of a good interior designer is his passion for the craft and his deep involvement. They are always looking to improvise and stand out from their previous projects and the competition. It means they add a specific value to every project they handle. These are the gems one should look for in an interior designer before finalizing a contract.

Project management and Timely deliveries

Dubai’s most organized and structured interior design companies have a professional project management team headed by a senior project manager. They represent the team and are a single point contact for the client. Having a solid project team ensures that the client is regularly updated on the progress or bring to light any other issues that need urgent action. A project schedule is strictly adhered to, and all on board follow the chart dedicatedly to ensure timely deliveries.

At Design Concepts, we have experienced consultants who are rightly positioned to advise and guide. We understand the complex nature and specific requirements of each project. We offer consultation of a varied nature, especially in interior design trends, materials, commercial viability and the criticality of finishing, aesthetics and space management.