Types of Lighting Available for Offices

What are the types of lighting available for offices in 2021? How to choose the best lighting for your office?

“Let there be light”; We often come across this phrase quoted in the holy books. What does this mean? Many intellectuals and philosophers over the years have interpreted their version of this phrase. Whether natural or artificial, light is a form of Energy, and it infuses life into everything around us. “To shed some light”; on an idea or thought would be a brilliant way to explain the importance of lighting in a space. Lighting is one of the seven broadly classified elements in interior design. It amplifies the look, form and feel of the interior design in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and the area overall. Know more about the types of lighting available for offices and learn how to choose the best lighting for offices.

Pleasant lighting creates positive vibes and brings vital Energy and enthusiasm to the workspace. Modern-day
workplaces understand this and have taken the lighting factor very seriously whilst finalising design ideas. It’s not just lighting, but the type of lighting that best suits their nature of work, energy conservation and environmental considerations; all of this is given serious thought.

5 emerging trends in office lighting in a post- pandemic world

In a post-pandemic world, as companies have cautiously encouraged their employees to come back to offices, the new regular order of offices has transformed. Lighting aesthetics have been designed to make workspace environments stress-free and rejuvenating.

In the post-pandemic era, there has been increasing demand for a flexible lighting system that can be centrally controlled and changed to suit multiple functionalities. The lighting system can be monitored and controlled remotely from any location and can troubleshoot whenever required. It’s a versatile and futuristic technology, best suited for co-work spaces that cater to various work environments and functionalities. 

Adding some natural light into the workspace boosts productivity and aids alertness. Therefore lighting
designed to blend with natural light is something that companies prefer. Latest lighting systems facilitate white
tuning that imitates natural light when gauged in zones based on the direction of the sunlight. The other advantage being cost savings on utilities as there is a controlled usage of artificial light. It also demonstrates that companies are willing to invest in employee well being to create a healthy and conducive work environment. 

With an increasing number of Gen Y and Gen Z entering the workforce, floor-to-ceiling partitions and designated cubicles and desks have become a thing of the past. Most workspaces now have frosted glass cabins and open, collaborative areas with spaced out seating. Such an arrangement goes well with more ambient lighting that does not interfere with the screens of laptops and widescreen PCs. 
Task led
Offices have designed lighting to suit the specific functionalities rather than have a blanket type of lighting
across the office. In a task led lighting plan, spaces with solid focus and collaboration are lit differently than other spaces. Similarly, break-out areas and lunch zones have a unique lighting method and type.

Personal preferences
Mindfulness and inclusive thinking are evolving throughout the civilised world, and many corporations have embraced these qualities. Progressive thinking companies have included them in their best practices and policies. As a step towards this, even lighting in offices have been personalised to suit individual preferences, especially for differently-abled and neurodivergent individuals. 

At Design Concepts – Interior Design Company in UAE, we take particular care and attention in planning and designing lighting right from the moment the team does a site audit. The theme development and design team understand the importance of proper lighting and make an intelligent plan.